Yoga & Fitness

So you’re ready to change the way that you relate to your body. That is why you are here.  I will show you that you are your best teacher. You may have just forgotten how to listen. I will help you turn up your intuition through intentional movement and breath work. Be it in the gym, on your mat, and even out on the water balanced on your SUP board, I will help you find the tiger that already lives in your skin. There is determination in you. There is flexibility in you.

Consistent practice can change your life. All you have to do is bring it. It’s that simple. How we do one thing is how we do everything. Make this change and see how everything begins to fall into place. The most successful people I know have a regular physical practice in their routine. We don’t have to work our bodies until failure, yet when we do we see that life goes on still. In a pose where we think we can’t hold  it anymore, we take that one more breath and hold it any way. Here we find triumph and we take that into our daily life.

Change the way you relate to your body and change your world.
I dare you!


IN THE GYM: I design dynamic circuits that will transform you. Share with me your fitness goals, and I create a program that reflects your desired results. We can work on power, endurance, sculpting, athletic performance, and any combination of the above. I have spent over 20 years in the gym. I know what it takes. Let’s do this!

ON THE MAT: You will learn to breath and focus.  We will typically begin a practice with static hatha poses to help open up your body, remind you to breath and land mentally into your practice. Then it’s time to get your flow on. This is where yoga becomes a beautiful dance between breath and movement. Poses will build on and compliment each other. This is a class that everyone can participate in and enjoy. Grab your mat and let’s go!

SUP/Stand Up Paddleboarding: Take your yoga to the water! This summer I will be offering Stand Up Paddle (SUP) yoga for those wanting to experience yoga in a new arena with new challenges. We will be on location at various spots throughout the Comox Valley. In SUP yoga your board is your mat. Stay tuned for more info on packages and rates.


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